What would B do?

While I was
at my Mary Kay Career Conference (you can read about that here),
the girls and I were singing Destiny’s Child the whole time.  Then I
started thinking what a great trending topic Thursday; Beyonce!  Well
of course I’m going to throw in some DC’s in there because well that’s how she
started BUT since everyone is talking about Queen B I thought it was time to
make a fun post regarding her.
So since I
literally have a Destiny’s Child/Beyonce song for every moment of my life I
wanted to share a few with you from a regular Monica Day.
In the
morning I wake up and want to take a selfie with my crazy hair and no makeup
with my eyes half open and put the caption as “I woke up lyke dis.”  Hashtag selfie

Once I
finally look good and am all dressed up I’m ready to take on the world and say “now now a diva is a female version of a
hustla, of a hustla, of a of a hustla.”
I go on with
my morning and once I’m driving on the road and am stuck in that terrible
traffic I just keep thinking “I’m a
survivor, I’m not gonna give up.”
 Then I just keep driving.
I get to
work and go into a meeting.  The whole time I’m thinking how awesome it
would be to be in Hawaii “ridin’ on that
surfboard, surfboard.

Then an
issue arises.  There’s some kind of a problem with whatever it is I think
to “ring the alarm, I’ve been through
this too long.”
It’s time to fast forward because I’m
talking about work way more than I should be. 
Let’s fast forward to a fun weekend shall we?
So you’re getting ready to hang out with
your girl friends.  You may even be
getting ready together.  When your friend
asks you “who run the world?”  You should most definitely be answering with “girls.”

Now you’re out at the club, looking amazing
because it only took you, what, 3 hours to get ready?  You just feel like breaking out and singing “Them hustlas keep on talkin, they like the
way I’m walkin.”

Once it hit’s a certain time “it’s 11:30 and the club is jumpin, jumpin.”

Of course within a few hours your feet
start killing you because of those heels you bought especially for this occasion
and didn’t break in are starting to cut off the circulation to your toes, you
start to think “if I were a boy,” you
wouldn’t have to dress up and look cute.

That concludes my lovely Queen B script of
a day.  I hope you enjoyed it!