Where I find inspiration

Lately a lot of people have been asking me, “where do you get the ideas for your jars?  Are they your own ideas or custom orders?”  To answer that question it’s a little bit of both.  Most of the designs are my own but some orders that customers ask me for I would have never even thought to do that.  For example I had a customer ask me to rush an order for her sister’s birthday for the purple minion.  When I finished this jar I went and made a yellow minion jar (which can be found here).  As most of you know I’m extremely girly and what isn’t more girly than flowers?  A lot of inspiration from my jars comes from flowers and things around me.  Whether it be my favorite flower, my mom’s, or my grandma’s.  I’ve made so many different jars with flowers on them.
For today’s Mason Jar inspiration I decided to show you all of my flower jars.  Below each picture is a link to the Etsy shop listing if you like you so much that you have to give it the perfect home!

These were sold, but I am able to make another set.


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