5 for Friday

1.  On Sunday I posted on my personal Facebook, “When I retire I’m
moving to an island, listening to Bob Marley all day, and drinking out of
coconuts.”  I literally would love to do
that.  Thinking of just hanging out in a
bathing suit with coconuts all day listening to the awesome Bob Marley is pure
bliss.  Then I come back to reality and
realize that it’s probably not going to happen. 
A girl can dream, ok!  So I will
let your ears feel happy and play some Bob Marley.

2.  Cavenders boots and my I Wore Yoga Pants shirt came in!  Blogger shot caller is a phrase that I’ve
been saying ever since I saw that was the t-shirt we were able to
purchase.  I just want to say that I love
being a blogger.  It’s seriously like
Christmas every day!

3.  Not so awesome part of my week was mommy and daddy leaving
for the Motherland.  It was only last
night and I miss them already but I wish them a happy and safe
flight/vacation.  I’m super jealous but
I’ll be there in 42 days!

4.  Buying my ticket to Poland. 
I did this the other day and yea, I’m really excited.  Words can’t describe how excited I am for
this.  Only 42 more days and I will be
able to see my family.  You know, I feel
like I missed out on a lot.  I’m not
complaining that I have family in another country because well it’s an awesome
vacation, but I didn’t have the typical Grandma and Grandpa dinners.  I didn’t get to go to Grandma’s house for
Christmas.  I didn’t get to hang out with
my cousins on my birthdays.  I didn’t get
to do the whole crazy annoying family rituals because I only have my parents
and brother here.  At least I have them,
I know some people who come here with absolutely no family.  So with all of that being said I’m really
excited, although I will miss my blogging!

5.  Blog Name is OFFICIAL! 
It is a dot com!  My blog is no
longer Moda by Monika!  It’s Jersey Girl,
Texas Heart.  YIPPEE!!

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