5 for Friday

After every rain storm there’s a rainbow.  Just remember that.

1.  My song of the week is going to have to be Good Times by
Alan Jackson.  Whenever I hear this song
I can’t help but want to get up and dance. 
I only know parts of the square dance they do in the video but at least
I have a favorite part; when they step wide and do a little shimmy.  Don’t judge. 
Also, this song is PERFECTO for Friday. 
It’s time for a good time y’all!

2.  My first giveaway all by myself!  Which you can still enter, click here to see
how.  Remember how I kept talking about
my favorite brand contacting me?  That’s
what that giveaway is all about.  I am collaborating
with Cavenders and there is a $150 gift card up for grabs!  If you don’t know what Cavenders is, you see
those boots at the top of the page?  Yea,
they’re from there.
3.  Planning my second blogger meet up!  Ok, so my first blogger meet up was so much
fun and I just enjoyed the fellow bloggers so much that I had to do it
again.  The greatest part is this time
the group has grown!  There are four
extra bloggers!  How exciting is
that?  Well maybe not for you, but for me
it’s pretty darn exciting.
4.  Baby brother coming home. 
Ok, so my brother can be a pain in the rear end sometimes but the
excitement of seeing him for the first time in months is exciting.  He goes to school at Boston (aka Baston)
University, and he is officially a senior! 
I’m so excited for him and proud for how far he’s come.
5.  More free stuff. 
Caravelle watches sent me something for going to Lucky FABB, how
cool?  It’s a bit big so I have to get
some links taken off but other than that it is a beautiful watch. 
Honestly this week I was on cloud 9.  I started reflecting on all of the great
things that happened this week and I can say that I am in a great place with
lots of positive energy.

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  1. I'll have to check out that giveaway! Where is your blogger meet up going to be? Do you want me to promote it on Northeast Bloggers (if it's just your friends then I understand if you dont!)

    1. It's going to be in NYC. I've already made reservations, they had to squeeze us in so I don't think we will be able to add anymore people to this one, HOWEVER if you have a list of people or for the next meetup I can talk to you about it and see if you have anyone who would be interested and we can see if maybe we can organize it somewhere with a ginormous room lol.

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