Everyday Skincare Routine

I know that a while ago I showed what I use on a daily basis for skincare but since that post (here).  Since that lovely post I’ve increased in products.  
Before I started my Mary Kay business I was a makeup remover, soap and water kind of girl when it came to skin care.  I didn’t think I really needed to pay attention to my skin because well, I’m young so I don’t need to worry about anything just yet if I don’t have acne.  Boy was I wrong.  When I started learning more about skin care I realized that what we do in our younger years will affect us when we are older.  It’s not that I didn’t know this before, BUT it just never sunk in.  I have noticed such a drastic change in my skin in the short amount of time that I have been using Mary Kay and actually taking care of my skin.  At the end of this I will also mention some other products I use along with Mary Kay.
My number one rule for skincare is take off that makeup especially around the eyes.  I cannot stress enough how terrible it is for your skin to go to sleep with makeup on.  It clogs your pores and if you wear heavy eye makeup like me you are doing a lot of harm the last thing you need to worry about is treating puffy eyes.  Whenever I go to sleep if I don’t feel like going through my whole entire routine I will make sure that I at least take off all of my makeup.  Get into this habit ladies!  Now, eye makeup remover is extremely important because thankfully the one that Mary Kay makes it’s extremely gentle on the eyes but it also removes even the darkest makeup without any force.  The skin around your eyes is extremely sensitive and thin.  You have to pay extra attention to this area and DO NOT pull and tug, even when doing your makeup.  When you pull and tug is when you create wrinkles and crows feet.
I know a lot of my fellow Mary Kay consultants don’t really use the Botanicals Skin Care line, however I love it.  I know there’s no SPF in it to protect from the sun’s rays and no anti aging but I love that it is so light and the packaging is biodegradable so it’s good for the environment.  I like to help the environment since I drive a car that is a gas guzzler, I make up for it in other ways.  Now ladies and gents (skin care does not discriminate, men should know this as well) you always have to remember one thing cleanse before you hydrate.  Make sure when you take the product out of the tube you use your ring and pinky fingers.  Why?  Because these are your weakest fingers so you won’t have as much force when applying.  Make sure you apply in upward circular motions.  Now what I like to do is take the Skinvigorate brush (probably about the best invention ever) and use that as directed on the box.  After I wash off the cleanser I use the hydrate product (not pictured here) and apply it the same way upward and circular motions.
Now, every other day I like to use the microdermabrasion set.  I don’t use it every day because I have extremely sensitive skin so I want to make sure I’m not doing more harm than good.  So this set HAS to be used together.  You cannot use one without the other because you will damage your skin.  One product is the exfoliater and the second product helps hydrate and replenish your skin.  The exfoliater you apply to damp skin so it doesn’t pull and tug at your skin.  You continue to apply in upward and circular motions until your damp skin starts to pull and tug.  Rinse and pat dry.  Once you are finished apply the replenish which helps soothe the skin after the exfoliation. 
After all of the above steps I like to use the Oil Mattifier.  It helps my forehead which is extremely oily and I don’t even know where this came from because I never had this issue before.  I will say though, this little tube works wonders along with the oil mattifier sheets (not pictured here)!

Now on to some extras that I also do besides Mary Kay.  First and foremost I have extremely dry skin around the mouth area but extremely oily on my forehead.  For the dryness I use Nivea lotion, not the one in the plastic container but the one in the tin can.  I also use it on my lips at night time as well.
If you read my post a few weeks ago about Glory Boon you would have read that I found an amazing clay mask.  My fellow blogger friend makes this clay and I won’t go into detail about the product again, however if you would like to read the original post you can find that here.
Just as an fyi to anyone reading this.  If you would like to do a free skin care consultation with Mary Kay products through Skype please contact me and we will set it up.  Or even if you just have a few questions about any skin care that you use!

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