I love you mommy.


Yes, I still call my mom, mommy.  What do I even say to my mom today?  I can make her scrapbooks, I can buy her nice
gifts, but is there really anything in this world that can thank her enough for
her sacrifices, her lessons, her shoulder when I needed to cry, her hugs when I
needed someone to hold me, her horrible singing when I needed to laugh, and
most importantly her love?  My mom came
to this country with my dad with nothing but $10 in her pocket.  Since then she became a mom to two children,
worked extremely hard to help my dad keep food on the table, and then she made
the decision to stay at home with her two kids. 
She sacrificed a lot to stay home and make sure she was always there to
make us breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Even
when she was sick she pretended like she was 100% healthy and never
complained.  She was there for every

I love my mom to the moon and
back a bazillion times.  She is supermom,
my best friend, my biggest supporter, and my fashion mentor since I was in
second grade prancing around in her heels that were 6 sizes too big.  I am so proud to call her my own, and call her
my mom.  She now has her own business and
she still cooks for the whole family.  I
really don’t know what I would do without her.  She was there when I was diagnosed with epilepsy, she was there when I graduated High School and College (twice because I also have my MBA).  My mom was there when I left 24 years of my life behind to go on a journey to Texas only to come back.  She was there when I came back from Texas and was having a tough time.  She picked up the pieces when I had no one, and she is here today cheering me on even if I mess up.  I can type a novel and all of the words on those pages wouldn’t express how much I love my mom.  Mommy, Happy Mother’s Day, I love you!