I see London, I see France

If you saw my post about going to my blogger meetup on Saturday (click here) I purposely decided to make my nails resemble Paris.  I am absolutely in love with this design!

Step 1:
Your base coat should always be Sally Hansen Maximum Shield.  I used Pure Pink by Pure Ice nail polish for the solid color.

Step 2:  Put polka dots on your thumb
Step 3:  The “Chanel” pearl necklace is easier than it looks.  Just draw the CC and the lines for the necklace.  Then in the below picture you will see white dots as the pearls.
Step 4:  Start the Eiffel Tower with an open triangle.  After just put a few horizontal and vertical lines.
Step 5:  Just add vertical lines.
Step 6:  Not pictured here but for the heart balloons just make hearts with a nail art pens. 


**All midi rings were bought from Francesca’s