Ladurée Macaron Blogger Meet Up

This past Saturday I went to Ladurée in SoHo with a few bloggers.  I was so excited for this meetup because I was going to meet three new bloggers!  If you’ve been following me you know that I have already hosted a meetup once before.  Click here to read about how much fun it was.
I was practicing my photography skills on my friend/fellow blogger and she wanted a picture of her rings so I figured why not.  

I’m not quite sure what was going on in the city on Saturday but I saw this while we were stuck in the cab in traffic and if I had enough time I probably would’ve stopped and bought some of these things because look at how many accessories are over there!
This is Nicolette.  She blogs over at Nuestra Nikky.  I’ve known this lovely girl for a few years now.  We actually used to work together and when she saw that I was blogging she wanted to start too.  I am so happy that she got into blogging and that she enjoys it! 

How pretty is this location?  It was absolutely breathtaking.  The decor and the detail in the everything was amazing.  

This is Alex.  She blogs over at Glory Boon.  She also owns her own cosmetics line which is amazing.  I’ve known her for a little over six months.  We’ve gone to Lucky FABB NYC and LA together.  Let me just say she’s hilarious.

Since you’ve already met Alex and Nicolette, meet Simone.  She blogs over at Fashion Runs the World.  Click here to read more about her.  This was my first time meeting her and she is such a personality!

The room we were in had these big doors that opened up to what you see in the above picture.  How gorgeous is this?

See those two ladies to the right?  Meagan and Alexandra blog over at Travel, Write, Draw and Lexicon of Style.  This was the first time I met either one of them and they are such sweethearts!

Last, but definitely not least we have Sara who is the lovely lady on the left.  She blogs over at Sincerely Sara.  I met her a few months ago as well at the last meetup and she is such an amazing blogger.  I can’t wait to see her again at the next meetup or when I see her name on a book after the words Author.

Alex’s cocktail had a rose petal in it.  So pretty!


Now those are some big french fries.  I had a salmon club and it was delicious!

I wish I could have this molding in my room.  Such amazing detail was put into it.

Hey that’s me!

I could not get over Megean’s clutch.  I want one too!

I have this weird habit of making faces every time someone wants to take a picture of me. 

You have to get a shoe shot in there!



Good bye NYC.  It was fun, now Nicolette and I need to go back to the middle of nowhere NJ.
Oh, and let’s not forget what these lovely ladies got in their gift bags from me this time around.
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