Malificent comes out today.  In honor of my second favorite princess (my first favorite is Snow White) I decided to put Sleeping Beauty and Malificent on my nails.  You do not understand how excited I am about this movie.  I can’t even put it into words.

First you paint your base color.  I chose these three but you can choose whatever your heart desires!


Step 2, 3, 4, & 5.  The first pictures for my pointer finger I actually had to change.  I ended up making more of a peach (I mixed orange and white) to make the flesh tone for Aurora’s face.  The second one is to make the thorn bush for the roses, I did the same design for my thumb as well.  Third finger (my ring finger) is for Maleficent.  I mixed a mint green with white because it wasn’t a light enough mint green for her face.  Then the last one I took my green nail art pen for the background glow for the spindle.

Step 6, 7, 8, 9.  Now  you finish all of the details and designs.  For Aurora you add the yellow for her blonde locks.  I didn’t have the right color light brown so unfortunately I had to use black for her closed eyes, brows and nose.  Then of course pink for her lips.  The roses you add a pink dot.  Then add a darker pink for the lines of the petals.  You don’t have to add sparkles but I did because well I love anything that glitters.  For Maleficent, this is all in the details.  I used black for her horns, collar, eyebrows, nose, and eye outline.  I put purple eyeshadow on her along with making her eyes yellow with the black dot for the pupil, and of course pink for her lips.  The last finger is the spindle.  I just drew the spindle with my black nail art pen.  Afterwards, in order to make this glowing spindle pop, I added some more glitter polish.  Of course once you’re done add your top coat and you are finished!