Minions Nail Art Tutorial


If you know me, you know that I LOVE (said in the most Agnus
“it’s so fluffy” way possible) minions.  I don’t have a favorite one
however my favorite part of the second Despicable Me was “Bee doe, bee doe, bee
doe.”  With this nail art tutorial I decided to paint some minions on my
nails.  It’s the easiest design I’ve done besides just painting a solid

Start off my painting the maximum shield on top of your
nails.  After that dries paint your nails yellow.  I used Sally
Hansen’s Mellow Yellow.

Now it’s time to add the minions overalls.  Take a blue
color, I used OPI and paint it on a little bit less than half of the nail if
your nails are long like mine.  If they are short you might have to make
the blue a lot less smaller or just leave the blue out.  You may have to
put on two coats of this.  Just make sure all nail polish has dried so
it’s not a goopy mess.

Now time to put the first part of their goggles, the black
band.  This you can either use a nail pen for or you can free hand it like
I did.  It saved me time because the pen was not making the line thick
The next step I had to improvise.  I didn’t have a gray
or silver polish so I got a little creative (ok, maybe not really) and mixed
black with white polish.  You have to be extremely careful that the two
colors don’t touch that the nail polish just falls into each other.  I
used a cotton swab stick to make perfect circles for the goggles.  You
just have to take the cotton off the tip of it.  You can decide whether
you want two eyes or one on each nail.

Afterwards you have to fill the eyes with white and then a
small black dot for the pupil.

Once you’ve finished all of that you can start adding the
hair and the mouth for each finger.  Get creative and do whatever you feel
The last step is to let your nails fully dry and add the top
coat.  Now you’re done!  

4 thoughts on “Minions Nail Art Tutorial”

  1. I love the minions too and sadly never seen either movies. I know I suck. and if i had long pretty nails like you i'd do this. but my nails are ugly and extremely short

    1. Oh my goodness you have to see the movies!!! They are so adorable! My nails look long but I was given long nail beds from my mom's side of the family thankfully so even when they are short they look long.

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