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A few weeks ago I asked bloggers and some of my personal friends who are moms what is their wardrobe staple being a mom.  We all know that it can be extremely easy to lose yourself once you have children.  The running after the little ones, being comfortable, and wearing clothing that is allowed to get dirty just in case.  Below are a few pictures and a few quotes from stylish moms out there who tell the rest of us what their staple is.

“A good eyebrow.” –A personal friend
“I wear lots of ballet flats but my sneakers have been my newest obsession!  I also wear a lot of denim because it’s easy and matches with most things.”  Michelle from Styled with Love

“As a mother of 2 very needy kids!  I have managed to become best friends with my Chucks aka converses lol.  I feel like no matter what I wear I can always wear them.  Besides, they never go out of style.” “No matter how high or low your shoes are, put on a pair that makes you feel like you can take over the world!”  Sannedie of Mua. Sannedie

“I am a mommy to 2 kids, a girl and a boy.  My go-to item to wear when I am out and about with my kids are my leopard print slip on sneakers.”  Rhea (blog unknown)
“It’s all about the shoes.” –A personal friend
“I love having a really comfortable and cute maxi skirt.  Easy to wear, easy to style, easy to chase the boys in!” Ashley from Dancing with Ashley

“I have two high-energy little boys, ages 4 and 6.  That means tons of running around, and just as much leaning down to kiss boo-boos after they’ve leapt off of the highest thing they could climb at that moment.  I also very rarely wear pants, preferring skirts and dresses.  I also do a lot of retro-inspired dresses, but when I’m with the kids I ditch the petticoats.  So for me, my most valued piece during our outdoor escapades is actually the one I hope nobody sees.  I have a pair of black shorts with layers of lace that I wear under my dresses in case of wind or bending too far.  They’re not as bulky as my denim (so they don’t show through) and they’re stretchy, so I can put them over stockings if I decide to wear a pair.  
You can’t tell they’re under my pencil skirt in this picture.”  Brooke from Madame Amrose
This post is dedicated to all of the moms and my mom.  She dressed to the nines her whole life.  She still dresses up whenever she leaves the house.  I give her major kudos for taking the time to do her hair, makeup, and dress up and running after my brother.  I was the calm, happy child.  He was the terror.  I love you mommy!

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