5 for Friday


1.  “You a hustla put your hands up.”  This
song has been stuck in my head.  When I
was doing my photo shoot a few weeks back I kept singing this and I think my
photographer wanted to flip out, but then to my surprise he started singing it

I know, I know, I’ve posted a bunch of our pictures already!
2.  I saw Ellen this past weekend!  I was so excited to see her.  You can read about our meet up here.  She is my blogger bestie and I couldn’t ask
for a better one.  We talk all the time
whether it be texting or any of the social media accounts that we
communicate through.  I seriously love
this girl and she is such a great friend to me.
3.  I’m losing weight like crazy!  Ok, well maybe not like crazy but I am
finally starting to do mini workouts at home so it’s helping to speed up the
process.  Yay for pushing through stupid injuries
and finding other workouts instead! 
4.  Four words.  Victoria’s
Secret Semi Annual.  Now another four words.  Shopping is my cardio!

5.  Countdown to Poland.