5 for Friday


1. Song-My Kinda Party-Jason Aldean.  I’m almost positive I’ve made this my song
for the week/weekend before but I’m in a country mood.  Plus, it’s a perfect song to start the

2. Weight Loss-Currently I am at 17 lbs down!  3 more to my minimum and 13 more to my
maximum!  I am leaving for vacation next
week so I know I will definitely CHEAT on my diet but I am still going to watch
my intake and work out.  Since my exercising
is at a minimum I know I will still be able to keep up with it.  As long as I don’t gain all 17 lbs back that’s
fine by me!
3. Vacation-Speaking of vacation, ONLY ONE MORE WEEK!  One more week until I get on a plane to Poland
for the first time in 8 years!  Y’all
really have NO IDEA how excited I am.  Don’t
worry though, while I’m gone I have my blog covered.  A post every day for the weekdays.

4. World Cup/USA win-Oh yes, I’m one of those obnoxious people
watching the World Cup right now who blasted the win for USA all over my social
media networks.  That game gave me such
high anxiety, but we FINALLY beat Ghana. 
Also I read that it was the most watched Men’s Soccer game of all time
on ESPN. 

5. Adidas Affiliate-Since we are on the topic of Soccer aka my
favorite sport (I used to play) I was contacted by the Adidas affiliate program
to sign up and become part of their program. 
I must say it was pretty awesome because I did a little bit of
shopping.  Growing up I was an Adidas fan
and all of my soccer gear was Adidas. 
Did you know that Topshop, Selena Gomez, and Stella McCartney have their
own lines with Adidas?  I definitely
stocked up on Stella McCartney for Adidas because those prices are
amazing.  Adidas has really stepped up
their game with everything that they have now. 
Especially since a lot of us fashionistas like to look cute while
working out too.  I mean it’s so easy to
put on a tshirt and yoga pants but I’m not going to lie if I look fashionable
in my workout gear I feel a lot better and surprisingly I push harder.  NO IDEA WHY! 
Maybe it’s because I look the part so I feel the part?  Anywho, they have an up to 40% off summer
sale going on right now so I highly suggest you use it to your advantage!

6.  I’m sorry but I really have to have a number 6, it was an awesome week for me.  This has to deal with social media/brands/magazines, but it all ties into the same excitement.  The other day on Twitter I was tweeted by Justin’s and one of my tweets was favorited by Missoni.  THEN Justin’s uploaded a picture of my boots onto their Facebook.  I had a jumping up and down like a child in a toy store moment.  Oh AND I’m in a magazine!  Go to your local Barnes and Noble and grab Indie Chick magazine.  You won’t be disappointed and you’ll see yours truly in the sponsor section!!

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