5 Reasons Why Being Single In Your Late 20’s Is Awesome!

The other day I was talking to someone and when they asked me how old I was (26, but sometimes if I’m having an “old day” I’ll say 27) they immediately thought I had a boyfriend, fiance, or even husband.  Then when I told them actually no, I’m single and have been happily single for quite some time now, they just looked at me.  You know that look you get when you’re being judged.  So that sparked my interest to write what being single like in your late 20’s is.  It’s actually really fun!
I feel like women have more pressure to settle down earlier than men because let’s be honest we do actually have biological clocks.  Of course there’s a lot of science and technology nowadays that allows you to prepare (aka freeze your eggs).  There’s adoption or even surrogates if you can’t have children.  The person that I was talking to, they actually told me “You should definitely freeze your eggs, just in case ya know?”  I don’t know about you but I’m only 26, and am just starting my career so if a guy comes along, sure I’ll give it a shot but before then here’s what’s awesome about being single in your late 20’s.
1.  Spoiling yourself.  Ok, I’m not going to lie when I have money to splurge I will definitely splurge and spoil myself because really, I’m allowed to be high maintenance especially if I can pay for it myself.  Since I finally landed my job and  have the right w4 tools, I owe it to myself to be selfish for once.
2.  The bed is mine.  I have the bed all to myself.  Well maybe not all because I share with the dogs but still if my leg somehow ends up on their head they’re totally fine with it because they’re still in a comfortable bed not the floor.  Let’s not also forget, the covers.  Someone always ends up with all of the covers, I’m not about to share.
3.  Concentration.  I have a lot of things going on in my life right about now.  I work full time, I blog full time, and I have an Etsy Shop.  I need to concentrate on all of these things and I really don’t know how other bloggers have a significant other, because I can’t even find time to eat let alone spend time with someone.  Not just spend time either, but spend quality time. 
4.  No guilt trips.  Now I know not everyone has had the experiences I’ve had but in the past I’ve had boyfriends who would guilt trip me.  Pretty much I wasn’t allowed to stay out all night with the girls but the same didn’t apply to them.  With that being said, if you are or have been in this type of relationship you don’t have to worry about this when you go out.  You don’t have to worry about checking in or him waiting up for you, or worse, blowing up your phone every 5 minutes causing you to have a horrible time.
5.  Freedom.  Some women are lucky enough to have someone who doesn’t really bother them much so this last one excludes you.  You have the freedom to do whatever you please.  You won’t be judged for that lifetime show you’ve been dying to watch.  You don’t have that much longer according to society until you’re married with kids so live your life while you can.  This is YOUR time. 
Being single doesn’t mean being alone or lonely.  I feel like that is the general misconception and to be honest I have been in relationships and felt more alone than when I was single.  I’m not saying that I’m anti being in love or finding the man of my dreams because I know he’s out there but I’m not looking to find him just yet.  I’m waiting until the time is right.  So what if I’m almost 30?  For me there’s no rush.  However, I will definitely suggest getting fur babies.  They will lick your face off if you’re crying and protect you with their life even if they are a little puppy.  They are your best friend to the end. 
Also, the next person that tells me I should freeze my eggs is getting a Grumpy Cat Glare.

6 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Being Single In Your Late 20’s Is Awesome!”

    1. I mean I am happy for the people who found that right person, but I feel like society pressures the rest of us who just aren't ready for that quite yet. I love being single and I just hope the people who hate it and are single can read this and realize how great it is!

  1. I can't believe someone told you to freeze your eggs, at 26!! Wow… I'm turning 26 and though I have a boyfriend we don't plan on having kids for a while. And I have tons of single friends who feel the same as you! You're not even "almost 30" haha 🙂 just ignore those people and walk away. You're happy and that's all that counts!

    1. I found it funny and I had to write about it. I think a lot of people think being single is a bad thing or that all of us are supposed to have our lives planned out because our parents did at our age, but times have changed!

  2. One shouldn't concentrate on being single. Just concentrate on finding you and being you and doing things you enjoy. God will send you that right person when he feels you're ready

    1. That was the whole point of this post haha. Lots of people are fixated on how being single is terrible, but really it's not it's quite fun. I know Mr. Right is out there for me it's just not time for me to settle down and get serious just yet.

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