5 Ways To Style Unwashed Hair

Technically you aren’t supposed to wash your hair every day, so what happens for those of us who have a grease ball on their head after a full day?  Here are some hair styles that I usually go with when I really don’t feel like washing my hair, or if I can’t get away with wearing a big floppy hat.  I usually have to wash my hair everyday so you can only imagine what it looks like 2-3 days with no washing which usually only happens on weekends.  Also, just as an FYI I have two different sets of extensions that I use so if you have extensions you can use, this also helps hide some of that hair. Just so that you know, I purposely did not wash my hair for these pictures.  I can say that hairspray, dry shampoo, and teasing my hair are my best friends during the days of unwashed hair.  Sammy
Fat Hair hairspray and dry shampoo are two products I received while being at
Lucky FABB and let me tell you these are the bomb dot com.  Highly recommend these two products
especially for those unwashed hair days.  All of these are also perfect for the coming summer months!

Peace and Love

This is probably one of my favorite hairstyles.  I feel very free spirited and ethereal when I wear my hair like this.  It’s great because you can tease your hair but the greasiest pieces for me are always in the front so when I braid them and pin them back it’s perfect.

Do the Twist

Great hairstyle to go with a few different looks.  This can make you look very glam 50’s inspired if you twist your hair looser, or it can look very chic when it’s twisted tighter.  Either way for me it starts off with tight twists and ends up with lose twists because my hair does not hold anything.  Oh speaking of, hairspray is my favorite styling product.

Jersey Poof

I like to call this the Jersey Poof, but I know that may be offensive to some people.  I only saw girls here in my home state of Jersey wearing this hair and then all of the sudden everyone was.  However here, there were some pretty big poofs that I’ve seen.  I’m not going to lie I’ve had some pretty high ones myself, it distracts everyone from the grossness on top of your head!

Dry Shampoo

This isn’t really a hair style but if you don’t have time to style your hair dry shampoo works.  You have to make sure you get the right brands because some brands do leave a white residue on my hair making it look like I have gray hair.  I recommend not using this method for those days where you keep telling yourself “I really should’ve washed my hair before I left the house.”

Lost cause

This is when there is literally no hairstyle that can hide this hot mess and I have to surrender to my hair.  This is when I just put it up in a messy bun/topknot, with dun dun dun NO EXTENSIONS.  You know I have given up at this point or I’m about to go clean.

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