Sunnies:  Ray Ban {old}
Necklace:  DIY
Top:  Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply {old}
Skirt:  Forever 21
Watch:  Caravelle
Sandals:  Yellowbox
Purse:  Vince Camuto {old}
Pictures by JandR Pictography
As many of you may know I love bright colors, patterns, and anything obnoxious.  Maybe not on a daily basis but I do love a good LOUD piece of clothing.  This skirt is perfect because of all of the awesome colors and the print.  I have a thing for Aztec print and this is the second piece of clothing I have that has this print.  Another great thing is that I bought this when I was in L.A. for Lucky FABB but I have gotten so much use out of this skirt.  Today I paired it with a crop top which, since I’ve lost 12 lbs (oh yea woohoo!!) I’m a little more comfortable baring my midriff even though it’s only an inch of it.
I’ve also lately been in a flower child, hippie’ish mood lately.  I love everything flowy and flowers in my hair.  The strange part is that I’m in love with 50’s and I mean 50’s pin up and the whole sock hop look, that’s my favorite era of clothing but for some reason lately I haven’t been gearing towards the polka dots and sweetheart necklines, I’ve been going for flowy things.  I think this may actually be because I’m losing weight so it’s easier to buy something flowy because it will stay flowy, rather than wear something fitted because it may not fit if I continue losing this weight.  I think it’s also because secretly when you wear flowy things you cover up anything you want to hide and I gained quite some weight since the holidays and haven’t had it come off as fast as usual, I think this is because my metabolism has slowed down.  I knew this day would come, and it’s also the day that I officially feel old.
Also, you see that necklace?  Stay tuned for a DIY tutorial next week!
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