Blogger Sister Meetup


I would like to introduce my blogger bestie.  Her name is Ellen.  She blogs over at Ask Away.  She pretty much blogs about EVERYTHING.  We went to the same restaurant we went to last time we met which is Camillo’s in Kutztown, PA.  If you would like read about our last meetup just click here.  This time around was a little different because we did a little outfit post photo sesh prior to our lunch date.  I was so excited that Ellen asked me to take pictures of her because since I just got my camera and I’ve been practicing my photography of course I said yes!

How pretty does she look?  Seriously I love candid shots.  I also loved that she found this stream while I was taking forever to get there.  I got there a half hour late because somehow traffic built up somewhere and it added an extra half hour to my drive.  Regardless I’m so thankful that she wasn’t mad at me!

I see a lot of bloggers with backgrounds like this one so I decided I wanted to test it out as well.  I think it came out awesome!

I just thought this was awesome.

This is the moment Ellen opened up her mason jar.  I made it just for her and I am so happy she liked it.  Pictured below is the jar I made for her.

Of course she had to instagram everything, as well as I had to instagram all of my stuff.  
Her instagram picture is on the left, my instagram picture is on the right.  I also made her that picture frame.

The strawberry shortcake martini at Camillo’s is amazing.

I swear, the food from this place is amazing.  Last time I had pasta but I had to try their gluten free personal pizza.  It was delicious!

The blue lemonade drinks taste like juice.  Those drinks would be dangerous if you went out for the night and drank those all night.  They are so delicious.

I stole this idea from one of my friends.  It’s so awesome!

If it wasn’t for blogging I wouldn’t have met my blogger bestie.  If it wasn’t for blogging I would’ve never met someone who is so similar to me, I mean we even have the same nose.  Love ya girl!

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