Daddy’s Little Girl


There’s no escaping that I love my mom, for pete’s sake she
was gone for two weeks and I was lost, but I will forever be Daddy’s Little
Girl.  You could say I’m the typical
Daddy’s little girl.  When I was younger
he taught me to ride a bike, he taught me to swim, he taught me to drive stick,
and he taught me to be tough.  When I was
in second grade I was hospitalized and for the whole time I was in there he did not leave my side. 
Only to go to the cafeteria or something like that, but when I was woken
up in the middle of the night for a shot or to get my blood drawn he was
there.  I didn’t cry, I didn’t complain,
I just “did what I had to do.”  That’s
something my dad says all the time.  Then
again when I was in the process of my diagnosis my senior year of high school
my dad was there every step of the way. 
Every doctor’s visit, every battle with the insurance companies, and
finding the BEST doctor he possibly could. 
He was there.

My dad won’t admit to it but he TOTALLY sides with me when
it comes down to something that has to do with my brother.  Sorry kid I’m the favorite in Daddy’s
eyes!  Maybe not necessarily favorite but
he definitely reasons with my side more than my brother’s.  He taught me to work hard and to keep going
even when things get rough.  Him and my
mom came to this country with nothing and they have done pretty well for
themselves.  He is a role model in my
life and a great teacher.  I used to hate
listening to his speeches but don’t worry I remember every one of them, all
34341232 of them.
Happy Father’s Day, I hope this year it’s a good one.
Love Always,
Your forever little girl

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  1. What a great post. It's so great to have such wonderful men in your life who have a major impact on your life. Hope you have a great week to come.

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