DIY Floral Headband

How I love DIY projects.  This one was especially fun because I was working on all of these around the time that EDC was here.  I made a headband for one of my friends who went to EDC.  I swear she was a flower child in her past life.  She looked so pretty with it in her hair.
Well, I made two headbands for myself because #cantstopwontstop!!  Yes, I just spoke to you in hashtag form!

First and foremost you will need the above supplies to make your hair piece.  All materials were bought at Michael’s.  You’ll need suede rope (I found mine in the jewelry making section), of course silk flowers of your choice, and a needle/thread.

Take your suede rope and measure it around your head.  Make it a lot longer because you’ll need to knot this when it’s done and you don’t want to be like me, throwing away precious time on one that is fit for a person with a MUCH smaller head than mine.  Braid the rope and of course knot on both ends. 

Secondly, take your flowers off of the top of the stems.  I cut some of the excess part of the stem off, however I found that if you have that extra little piece it works better when you are trying to keep the flowers in place while you are trying to attach them.
I sewed these flowers onto the braid but that’s only because I have the patience for it.  If you want to glue them on that’s fine too but it won’t last as long as sewing.  I also didn’t go straight through the suede because it was too thick and I kept stabbing my fingers.  So I sewed around the braided parts of the suede into the flowers and it worked out perfectly. 
Then once you’re done try on your beautiful hair piece and tie it in the back.  This took me a total of 2-3 hours but that’s only because I’m a perfectionist and I also sewed the flowers on instead of gluing them.  If you chose to do this project feel free to leave your link in a comment so I can see it!




This is how I packed the one for my friend.  She was having a bad day so I made her one.