DIY Necklace

If you saw my post last week about the Aztec maxi skirt (click here) you also saw my lovely necklace.  I promised you a tutorial so without further ado let’s make a clay necklace together!
First and foremost let’s talk supplies.  All supplies were bought from Michael’s.  I used Sculpey Clay and that one tool along with pink twine.  Do you remember making cubes as a child either out of play-doh or clay?  That’s all you do is make cubes.
Once you’ve made all your multi-colored cubes you will have to use your tool to make a hole through one of the corners.  After you make holes through all of the cubes you will have to make your clay.  I prefer to buy the Sculpey clay that you make for 15 minutes because I like saving on time wherever I can.

Now you paint glitter on whichever cubes you would like. 

Once those are dry place the cubes however you’d like.  Once I placed one cube or a bunch of cubes I knotted the twine so it would stay in place and wouldn’t slide all over the necklace. 

This project took me a total of 2 hours, but since there is time for drying in between you can definitely multi-task and do other things.  If you test out this project (even if it’s not with cubes) please leave your link below, I would love to see your project!