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I was recently contacted to become an Adidas affiliate.  Since the World Cup is currently going on I thought it was a perfect time to introduce some of my favorite fitness apparel from Adidas.  I mean, they’ve really amped up their game over the years.  The are now working with Topshop, Stella McCartney, and Selena Gomez.  How awesome?!  An athletic brand that is branching out and working with trend setting fashion, I mean you really can’t get anymore amazing than Stella McCartney.  She is definitely one of my favorites.

Adidas Fashion

See how adorable that whole collection is?  It’s a mix of all three of these trend setting brands and I must say I’m in love.  Click the pictures below to be redirected to the collections!

Ok that link above is just because Messi is an amazing player and this is my little dedication to the World Cup players.
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