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Sweatshirt, Pants, and backpack:  Stella McCartney for Adidas.  At the bottom of this blog post is the link to the collection.
Sneakers:  Converse {old, Famous Footwear} 


Top:  Ralph Lauren {old, here}
Shoes:  Betsey Johnson {old, Marshalls}
Bag:  Gucci {here}
Jewelry:  Saks {old}
For this first sets of outfits I wanted to show you how you can take the things I bought from Adidas and turn them from sporty and gym worthy to chic and dinner worthy.  Now I’ve noticed the sweatpant and sweatshirt trend has taken off a bit.  I know I’m a little late to the party but I had to see if I could actually pull this off.  The first outfit is the typical going to the gym or just lounging around.  The second outfit is dressed up.  As soon as you add some cute accessories you completely change the look of one article of clothing, in this case it was sweatpants. 


Top, Bag, Pants:  Stella McCartney for Adidas button with link at the bottom of this post
Sneakers:  Converse {old, Famous Footwear}


Top, Bag:  Stella McCartney for Adidas button at the bottom
Shorts:  Marshalls
Shoes:  Vince Camuto
Jewelry:  Gift {Lord & Taylor}
I must say this is the first time in my life that I have been able to wear a cropped top and actually feel worthy of wearing one.  I’ve never worn crop tops because I’ve always felt as though I was “too fat” or didn’t have abs.  Well, I don’t have abs but at least I have trimmed down the fat A LOT.  I really can’t tell everyone how excited I am!  Anyway, back on track.  The first outfit is something I would wear to yoga (hence the pose) because it’s comfortable but since it is a cropped top it has a little bit of air that can flow up there.  The second look is perfect for going out to lunch.  Just change the shorts and shoes, add some accessories and voila you are ready to meet the girls for a lovely salad for lunch.  Oh yes, I am a huge salad eater now, especially if my friends ask me to go out to eat.
I would like to say that Stella McCartney really did a good job on these pieces for Adidas.  The quality is amazing and they are so chic and comfortable.  Plus, I love a good transitional piece!  Oh, speaking of that backpack in the first set of pictures that says Stella on it, that’s the same bag in the other pictures.  So awesome!
Click on that to be directed to the Stella McCartney collection.
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  1. What a great post! I love the idea to use your workout clothes as cute clothes as well… makes spending the $$ on them that much more worth it! I seriously need to get me some cute workout clothes!

    1. Thanks so much! Yes, I always look for transitional pieces where I can wear them more than once in different styles. It makes shopping more exciting because your imagination works while you're shopping haha

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