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Today I am linking up with Katie from Katie Did What for
Healthy Habits.  Now I’ve been following
Katie’s blog for over the past year. 
This awesome lady just had her first baby!  How exciting! 
Now, you probably wouldn’t tell from her pictures because she went right
back to her size (I don’t care what you say Katie, you look like you’re back to
post baby size) and she did it with living a healthy life.  On her blog she posts some fitness routines
or some healthy recipes.
I have recently started eating healthy, counting calories
and watching my intake because I used to be a fitness/gym nut until I messed up
my knee AGAIN.  Last year I was going to
physical therapy for it and everything was fine until I started to go back to
the gym again.  I decided that instead of
being in pain while going to the gym I would stop going and start eating
healthier.  Maybe I just need to eat
healthier to strengthen the muscles and cartilage.  I have damaged cartilage but maybe, just
maybe I can fix this somehow.  Since
changing my diet I have lost a total of 12 lbs! 
Yippee!  I kind of cheated over
Memorial Day Weekend so I literally think I gained 5 lbs.  I think I ate my weight in sushi so now that
I’m back on track I want to share this recipe and a few other things that I’ve
changed to live a healthier life style.
I posted a recipe for a dressing free salad a few months
ago, you can read about that here.
I will try to upload more recipes because after cutting a
lot of junk out of my diet I really had to become creative with what I can
eat.  Let’s just put it this way, I’ve
substituted a lot of my regular food with healthy.  For example my bread has been substituted
with what I like to call crackers.  It’s
a crispy bread made by Wasa.  My sweets
have been substituted with fruits, my chips with nuts, and the list goes on.  I’ve also been buying more organic foods and Trader Joe’s has become my new favorite store.
I will say though, one thing I will NOT give up is my

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**Please note, I am not a licensed trainer, nor do I claim to know about health and fitness.  These are things that I do and in my opinion work for me.

4 thoughts on “Healthy Habits with Katie Did What”

  1. Hi! Found you from the link up! I haven't given up coffee, but I've swapped out the artificial sweetner and Coffeemate for organic half and half. Since fat IS good….I've learned to live without the sugar taste. It's not bad! (I drink Gloria Jean's butter toffee coffee. DELICIOUS with no sweeteners.)

    1. I drink my coffee with just regular milk. I don't like my coffee sweet, I feel like it takes away from the coffee taste. I'm strange though because lots of people drink it with sugar haha.

  2. Okay, you looked amazing before, but I'm so impressed with your progress!! Awesome job, girly! And you are TOO nice to me, seriously. 🙂 Amen to never giving up coffee- it's good for you anyway! No need to! Anyway, you're awesome!

    Thanks for linking up 🙂


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