Jersey Girl Texan Heart is going on vacation!


Dear JGTH Readers,

First and foremost thank you for being one of my readers whether you pop in every once in a while or you read my blog every day and also thank you for following me on any social media networks   Secondly this girl is going on vacation!  If you have been reading my blog I have obnoxiously been talking about Poland whether it be my mom being away or me having a countdown until I go.  So guess where I’m going, yes, you guessed right POLAND!!  I’m finally going back to the motherland after 8 years!  Now one problem is that I will be staying with my Grandparents and they are extremely old school which means NO INTERNET.  DUN DUN DUUUNNNN!  I’m actually really excited to not have access to internet unless I really need it, I kind of need a mental health day except in a 2 week long version.  Ok, well that’s a lie.  My uncles and aunts have internet plus from what I hear they just built this brand new mall that has free wifi or lots of cafés and restaurants will allow you to use their wifi as long as you get a coffee or something small.
Don’t worry though because I have scheduled a post for every week day while I’m gone!  I will try my hardest to respond to emails and comments but I can’t make any promises!  I will most likely not be uploading to social media networks unless I have the ability to do so.  I hope all of you continue to read my blog while I’m away, I promise whatever comments I have when I get back I will definitely respond to!  I come back July 12th so most likely will start catching up on everything on the 13th. 
For all of you followers who stick around for two weeks, I have a little surprise when I get back so seriously stay tuned!
Love Always,

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