Meet Lonestar


I’ve always been into cars.  When I got my first car I insisted that it be a manual.  My dad was extremely surprised but at the same time was thrilled that his DAUGHTER wanted to drive stick.  The day I sat in the driver’s seat of my first VW (I’ve had three since that day, all but one were projects) and stalled out I thought oh my gosh what have I gotten myself into.  I cried after all of the driving lessons of still stalling out and my dad yelling at me and saying you’re ruining your clutch.  Finally he got so mad and he said just sit in the car by yourself I need to go sit down.  Well I said “I WILL learn how to drive this stupid car!”  I put it into first and I started driving.  For the first time I DIDN’T STALL!  After I drove around the parking lot I drove up to my dad and said SEE I CAN DO IT!!!!
From that moment on I was in love with cars.  I was in love with working on cars.  I guess you can call me a car enthusiast.  My girl friends come to me for help instead of their guy friends.  My friends say that I’m a girly girl but when it comes to cars I’m a total guy.  Don’t get me wrong it’s hard work and I’ve spent countless hours being mad or upset that the car wouldn’t run and finishing one project to find out there’s something else that’s wrong with the car.  In the end I still love it.  It’s a love, hate relationship.
When I came back from Texas my VW was not going to make it another 500 miles.  It was a hard moment and I secretly cried when I went to the bathroom but I traded Monroe (that was her name) in for Lonestar which is my BMW.  When they say that BMW is the ultimate driving machine they really aren’t kidding.  Even though I had to settle for an automatic (don’t even get me started on that) I love this car.  She got into an accident and I walked out without any scratches.  She had a tree fall on her during Hurrican Sandy which left only a small scratch.  She saved me this past winter many times.  I’ve never felt safer in a car and this is true love.  I still want my M3 and my VW Thing, but for now Lonestar is an amazing car.  Plus, the horsepower in this car stock is UH-MAY-ZING!  BMW, keep doing what you’re doing because it’s working.  Just please try to get rid of some of the computer nonsense!