Meet my fur babies

I know you’ve heard me talk about my fur babies a lot.  Honestly, I could talk about them for hours.  It’s like when parents can talk about their kids for hours only my kids have fur and they don’t talk.  Since today is “Kid’s Day,”  (well at least in Poland) I wanted to pay tribute to my kids.  For some reason my family has a lot of luck when it comes to animals and we most of the time take the runts of the litter or the ones with “defects.”  In our opinion we’d rather take that animal and love it with everything we have rather than they feel left out because no one wants them with a defect.  Well the first animal my family had was when I was little, a German Shepherd who was the runt, the loner.  Well, we went from him to a Maltese.  We also had some fish, hamsters, hermit crabs, and rabbits in between which lived way past their life expectancy. 

This Maltese’s name is Kuba.  Pronounced Koo-ba, not Cuba.  This is the Polish name for Jacob.  Kuba is turning 9 on July 14th.  He’s such a trooper.  He’s been through so much the past 3 years with all of the health problems he’s had and the cancer scare.  Now he’s ok for the most part, just getting older.  However, I will say that even though he’s 8 he acts like a puppy.  He’s such a fluffy little monster. 

Kuba was my 18th birthday present.  After our German Shepherd passed away I wanted to get another dog.  Knowing that he/she would never replace my first dog I still wanted a little friend.  Back when I was 18 was when the “little dog” trend was booming.  Every single celebrity had one and I told my parents that I did my research and that Maltese are hypoallergenic and they are really tiny.  After finding a breeder in Minnesota (or Missouri, I can’t remember) we shipped the little guy over and picked him up a few days after my birthday.  We took this specific puppy because he had a defect.  The black lining around his eye and mouth didn’t form so this meant he would never be able to be a show dog.  He was so skittish that first month because he had no idea where he was, where his mom was, or if he should trust us or not.  He fit in the palm of my hand.  Needless to say he grew up into an 8 lbs dog, yes I realize he’s heavy he’s currently on a diet.  He snores like an old man, he plays like a puppy, and he thinks he’s the size of a German Shepherd.  I love you little handsome man.

Oh where do I even start with this one.  Well first things first, her name is Lilly.  Yes, two L’s not just one.  She is my first rescue ever.  We’ve only have had pure bred dogs, never any runts or rescues.  I think my parents were always afraid that the dog would have a health problem and we would get attached and it would be more sad than happy.  Lilly is definitely healthy.  She’s from Texas and from what the shelter said she was most likely used for illegal breeding and she roamed the streets for quite some time so she was left to die.  When I rescued her she was 14 lbs.  Before I left Texas I finally got her weight up to 16 lbs.  You could still see her rib cage.  Leave it to my mom to fatten her up.  After coming back home and learning what human food was my mom (not me) plumped her up to a whopping 25 lbs.  The vet said that we can stop plumping her up now that she was at a good weight. 

Lilly is half pug half beagle aka a puggle.  She got me through some tough times after coming home from Texas and she is [wo]man’s best friend.  My precious baby girl, I love you to the moon and back.
I think my favorite quote for fur babies is “Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend obviously never owned a dog.”  Even though Marilyn said diamonds are a girl’s best friend sorry but I’m going to have to agree with the doggy version of the quote.

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