Physician’s Formula


How cute is the packaging for all of this?  I received this in my swag bag at Lucky FABB in L.A.  I decided to FINALLY start digging into that bag because I only made a dent in it.  I tested out this Nude line because well what exactly is the nude aspect if it’s bronzer and blush?  For me it took a little bit of getting used to because I contour every day.  If you don’t know what contouring is in the makeup world, it’s literally just transforming your face and it’s features.  I contour to get that Angelina Jolie cheek bone structure because in my opinion her face is perfect.  I also have an extremely round face (even when I’m 30 lbs lighter I have this soccer ball head) so any type of structure to it helps.  When I applied Physician’s Formula it looked nice and very natural and light.  I would use this for my casual days because I feel as though it’s not enough for when I really want to create the illusion of having structure in my face.
I will however say that the highlighter is amazing!  I never knew what a highlighter was until I started Mary Kay and ever since I haven’t looked as tired and my nose hasn’t looked as big as usual.  Overall I like this product, it almost glides onto your face.  Easy to apply and easy to wash off at the end of the day.