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I don’t know what it is about Missoni but I just really love their clothing.  I love the fabric and the prints, it’s not like anything else out there.  What’s great about this dress is it’s perfect for a lot of different occasions.  It’s simple but at the same time it has so many different shades of purple going on that it makes it interesting.  Do you remember my green Missoni dress (click here)?  It’s almost the same just different cut and different colors.

I just wanted to tell all of you about this awesome app that
I just found.  Ok, so it’s called Orange
Harp.  You can find them here.  Now, I’m all about giving back and
donating for the greater good.  It’s not
because I expect karma to be on my side I just know that there are less
fortunate people in the world and they can’t do anything about it.  The app
is really user friendly and helps you find things for both male or female and
you can switch to the different screens for each.  On top of that they have everything
categorized.  There are different ways
that they give back, for example for one of the sock brands if you buy a pair
they donate a pair.  There’s also a
program where they have homeless people package the items because they are
people in need as well.  I really love
that more companies that are into fashion are also giving back.  Download Orange Harp today and start your
shopping ladies and gents!
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