A lot of my friends and family think I have something wrong
with me because I am constantly making something.  Whether it be some jars or DIY projects/nail
art or scrapbooks.  I’ve made a few of
these in my day.  My mom watched me make
all of them and for the longest time said she wanted one so I actually made a
Mother’s Day one and one for Lucky FABB. 
I won’t show the one I made for Mama because that one is very special to
her and I feel as though some things are meant to stay private so instead I’ll
show you all about my Lucky FABB one!

My brother had to help me with the inserting of pages into this scrapbook.  That’s the lovely note he left for me.

I love scrapbooks because they are great gifts and they are
way better than photo albums.  Another
great thing is if you are sentimental like me and keep almost everything (I
think I have every movie ticket since I saw my first movie ever in 4th
grade) it’s a great way to get rid of those little things that are just taking
up precious space and putting them into something that you can keep forever.  This way if say you are making a scrapbook
for let’s say a best friend, if you kept a movie ticket and an umbrella from a
cocktail on that vacation you took last summer you can add it to the scrapbook
with a picture.  Keep in mind that
scrapbooking can get extremely addicting and you will want to buy every single
sticker you see because they are so cute, especially the 3-D ones.  Stick to a budget!  It’s a great way to get creative and really
show the person who is receiving the scrapbook that you truly care and value
their part in your life.