Shades of Green


Dress:  Missoni {here}
Bag:  Gucci {here}
Shoes:  Sam Edelman {old}
Necklace:  Handmade by Mom
Sunnies:  Gucci
I love this dress.  Even though it is mostly shades of green I guess you can say there are a few blue hues in their too.  This is probably the darker version of what I would think a mermaids tail would look like.  I don’t know what it is but lately I’ve been talking about mermaids.  It’s probably because it’s summer and I have my extensions that are super long so I pretend I’m Ariel sometimes.  Also, something that has been bugging me a little bit lately is my one blogger friend (actually I used to be her manager a few years ago) told me that she was watching I think the National Geographic or Discovery channel, maybe even Animal Planet (one of those educating channels) really late one night and saw a documentary that mermaids actually do exist.  They aren’t pretty like the ones that we think off but they are mermaids.  They have webbed hands and no hair and it just makes me a little creeped out.  Can you imagine being touched by a mermaid while swimming down the shore or something?!  Ok, now I’m definitely never swimming in anything but a pool again.  Then I remind myself that it can possibly be a hoax and I’m ok to swim again.  I mean fishies tough my toes all the time, it’s kind of the same thing?
And since we are talking about all things green(ish), I wanted to share how much of a green thumb I have.  Last week I felt like such an old person when I was excited to replant my succulent that I bought from Trader’s.  Well I took it a step further and decided to FINALLY use one of my own mason jars.  I painted two mason jars and sanded off some of the paint to make it look vintage’esque.  

Succulent:  Trader Joe’s
Cactus:  Walmart
Ball Mason Jars:  Walmart
Paint:  Michael’s
Keep in mind the succulent was actually dying once I looked at it closely.  It had a lot of the leaves (correct me if there is a different word for the leaves on a succulent) that had fallen off and I can’t believe I didn’t notice it.  They were also turning brown.  I have quite a bit of a green thumb when it comes to living plants.  When it comes to bouquets I’m not very skilled.  The cactus pictured here I’ve had for over a year and it’s grown a few more of those little ball looking things on it.
What a random post.  
pleated poppy


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  1. First off, Love your blog and your mix of content! Great Missoni dress, they always have the best texture! So – I found you through Meag on Travel Write Draw, love the blogger meet and greet you set up! I've been wanting to throw something like that out here in the Hamptons where I live. Anyway, stopped to say hi and was just looking for more creative souls to connect to, followed you on g+, twitter and gfc to start.

    i can’t afford my lifestyle

    1. You are so sweet! Thank you so much! I just sent you a tweet but if you need help with arranging blogger meetups I can help you. It's really fun especially if you get to meet more bloggers in your area!

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