Those Flowy Vibes


Top:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Pants:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Wedges:  Vince Camuto

I wanted to show the perfect way to show off flowy clothing without looking completely like a flower child.  You can definitely make it look chic and office worthy.  The best part about flowy pieces is they are easy to wear while losing weight.  As you all know if you read my blog I am currently on a strict diet and it’s geared more towards a healthy lifestyle than just weight loss.  I’ve lost a total of 17 pounds and if it wasn’t for flowy clothing I would be going through wardrobes like crazy.  You can buy flowy clothes 1-2 (depending on how tight it actually is) sizes too small while you’re losing weight because then it’ll be form fitting and once you lose some weight it will be exactly the way you want it to fit.

I must say these pants and this top are amazing.  The pants are very light weight so they are absolutely perfect for summer.  The top is a very soft cotton and it’s almost refreshing to put on.  This top is perfect because even though it may be a little tighter now it will be perfect once I lose some more.


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