10 things you should know about the JGTH


People always say “Tell me a few things about yourself.”  I honestly never know how to answer because, well, how do you tell a complete stranger who you are in less than 2 minutes?  I thought of 10 things that I feel are the most important things that I feel define me as a person.  I wouldn’t necessarily tell everyone all 10 of these things when I first met them, but if I could this is what I would say.

1.  First and foremost my name.  That would be Monica, my grandma named me after a news anchor when she was visiting from Poland and she wanted me to be more Americanized so they changed it from a K to a C.  Although, I have thought of legally changing it to the Polish way, it just looks pretty.  I also go by Madison, it was a joke that stuck.  Either way call me Monica or Madison I’ll answer to both.

2.  This brings me to number 2.  I’m Polish.  Yes I eat pierogi (not every day though), and NO I didn’t spell that wrong.  When you say pierogis you’re making it a double plural and that just sounds wrong.  Whenever someone says it wrong I have to correct them, don’t be offended by this it’s just habit.

3.  I’m a fur mama.  I have two beautiful little babies named Kuba and Lilly.  A maltese (he’s almost 9) and a puggle (she’s a rescue so we will say she just turned 4).

4.  I live in NJ (also born and raised here)but my heart is in TX, I lived in TX once a few years ago.  I WILL make it back there one day.  The lonestar state and I have some unfinished business.

5.  I love DIY projects.  Whether it is making a necklace, nail art, or even a pair of sandals.

6.  I own an Etsy shop.

7.  I am a Mary Kay consultant.

8.  I work full time for an Asian Petrochemical Company.

9.  I drink way too much coffee.  I mean I really think I’m addicted to coffee.  I’ve been known to have up to 1 cup every hour a few times. 

10.  I have epilepsy.  This has been a huge part of my life, not because it has affected my life negatively (it did in the beginning) but because I live like a normal person and I don’t let it affect me I like to share this with people.  I may not have a terminal illness and I may not have as many seizures as some people but I still had to endure the same pain, anxiety, and fear.  You can’t let the negative consume your life is pretty much what I like people to get out of it.

Mary Kay Shop

P.S.  I’m on vacation but I’ll be back July 13th!  Stay tuned for a surprise when I get back!