5 for Friday


Oh my goodness it’s Friday. 
This week absolutely positively flew by. 
Since I haven’t linked up with 5 for Friday for a hot second let’s get
on with it, shall we?

1.  Song-Don’t Tell Em Jeremih. 
This is seriously the perfect song to dance to.  It has been stuck in my head ever since I
came back from Poland.  The lyrics are
vulgar I’m sure, but I just really like the beat.
2.  I’M BACK!  It’s quite
strange being back from Poland.  I need a
vacation from my vacation to be honest. 
I think the 2 weeks that I was away were the busiest 2 weeks I’ve had
all year.  I saw a very small amount of
family.  I never really realized how big
of a family I really have.  I guess that’s
what you get for having your whole family in another country.  If you want to read about my trip click here,
here, and here.
3.  Speedy Gonzales of a week. 
I am definitely NOT complaining about the fact that this week flew
by.  I am so tired with the time
difference and how crazy catching up has been that I definitely need a day to
relax and not do anything except sleep. 
Oh, and maybe take some outfit photos since I need to do that, as of recent I’ve gotten some cute clothes, and maybe even take pictures of the antique camera my grandpa gave me before I left.  Ok, now I’m just rambling, on to number 4.
4.  Seeing my fur babies. 
The moment I stepped into the house when I came back from the airport
was amazing.  First, Kuba (the maltese)
was howling like crazy, he kept on attacking my feet with his little paws
and he kept bringing me his toys. 
Second, Lilly (the puggle) went insane. 
When she’s home alone we have to put her in her crate otherwise she
would leave a scene from Marley & Me throughout the whole house.  My parents walked upstairs and I was behind
them.  They were going to let her out and then they moved (it probably looked
like we rehearsed the whole thing) and oh hey Mama’s home!  Her face was priceless.  Her reaction was that of a human’s.  She stopped for a split second and looked at
me with utter excitement and then she started attacking the handle of her
crate.  The lovely dog kisses I got from
both of them made me super happy to be home.

5.  Giveaway-I’m currently running my second giveaway of all time!  To see it’s original post click here.  I’m so excited about it because it’s a
necklace that I absolutely love, and since I’m so in love with it I bought a
second one for my readers.  Sorry, I’m a
little greedy and would like to keep one for myself as well so you definitely
get an advantage of getting a brand new one!  I am also
including a little souvenir from the motherland.  It’s the tree of good luck.  Back in the day it was believed that Amber
(this is tree sap that leaks into the lovely Baltic Sea and turns into a
beautiful stone) cured small illnesses like a headache or stomach ache, or at
least that’s what mama told me.  This
tree though, is said to bring good luck. 
I think we probably have about 6 of these in our household, I try and get one
every time I go to Poland, except this time I wanted to give one to my
readers!  So just enter in below and good
luck to everyone!  Also, please keep in
mind that this giveaway ends on 7/21 at 12am!

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  1. sounds like you had a busy, but good week! my friend went to Poland in high school and brought back a beautiful amber ring for me. The tree reminds me so much of it!

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