5 for Friday

First, before I go into 5 for Friday I just wanted everyone to know you have less than a week to sign up for free samples from the #savetheundies campaign!  Click here for your free samples and click here to read more about it!

Song-Here I go again Whitesnake.  Don’t judge me for my 80’s jam sesh right
now.  I heard it on Z100 on my drive to
work the other day and couldn’t resist to make this my song of the week.  Now let’s be real, you’re totally waiting to
be in a secluded area to jam out to this song. 
Or if you’re like me you’re already jamming (insert emoji with
sunglasses here). 
Weight Loss-Well, the weight loss isn’t actual weight, I
think it’s just water weight (if that makes any sense haha).  I’ve been drinking way more water and I went
down 4 lbs in one week.  I also started
my diet so I cut out all junk food that has way too much sugar and way too much
salt so I think that had something to do with it.  I think I literally just lost my bloat.  Regardless, seeing that number on the scale
when I weighed myself was pretty nice.  I
still have four pounds to go to my pre-vacation weight and ten more to go for
my full maximum weight loss goal!
Blogger Christmas-I swear sometimes being a blogger is
literally like having Christmas every day. 
I received one of my dresses to review which I can’t wait to take
pictures of.  It accentuates every sing
pro instead of flaw.  Then I have so many
emails about writing posts for awesome products I can’t wait until next week
because it will be filled with fun posts!
Meet up-I’m all about countdowns.  I have 9 days until I get to see Ellen!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Carte Blanche-Tomorrow I set up my first in store display
for Jars by Monica!  You guys you really
have no idea how absolutely ecstatic I am about this.  I really can’t express into words how happy I
am.  Thank you to all of the lovely friends
of mine that became customers, all of my customers who don’t know me, and all
of the people who have supported me with this crazy hobby.  Y’all seriously are the greatest.
Oh, and just for your viewing pleasure here’s another picture of my cousins and me when we had our pictures taken.  I wish that next year we can get all of the cousins together!
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