Blogger Shot Caller

Shirt:  IWYP {from this blogger}
Pants:  Ralph Lauren
Shoes:  Betsey Johnson {Marshalls}
Sunnies:  Ray Bans

 Now I know that Whitney from I Wore Yoga Pants sent out these shirts a while ago and I haven’t taken an official picture of it yet, it’s just been little ones here and there.  I have been living in this shirt!  Good thing this shirt is against work dress code because I would probably wear it more often than I really should.  I love a good t-shirt and this one is seriously the softest thing I’ve ever felt.  When Whitney explains that she picked out the fabric and that it’s the softest tshirt you’ve ever felt she’s NOT lying.  I’m actually kind of sad that I’m going to be getting her IWYP shirt while I’m in Poland.  That one says Blogging is my Cardio.  Really cute idea Miss IWYP, seriously.

Mary Kay Shop

P.S.  I’m on vacation but I’ll be back July 13th!  Stay tuned for a surprise when I get back!

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