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For some of you who have already shopped in my Etsy store you know exactly what I make.  For those of you who don’t I take regular mason jars and make them into pretty little creations.  I add little charms to them and mold every single one by hand.  The jars are painted by me and sealed with spray paint sealant.  I started this business because I was making Christmas decorations and used an old mason jar.  I created this center piece that was one of my favorite decorations I’ve made in a long time.  After that my mom told me, “hey, you should try to sell this.”  Well, I wasn’t about to sell my first one but I made a few more and started my Etsy business.  It hasn’t been as busy as I thought, BUT I am not complaining because when I make these jars I keep my sanity.  For me, it’s very relaxing.  I can sit there for over 12 hours (one time I was working on jars for 14 hours straight) just making these little center pieces.  I know the mason jar center piece is a trend, and I hope it’s a trend that’s here to stay, not because I sell hand painted ones, but because they’re so cute!  I’ve seen some awesome center pieces made out of mason jars.

My store can be found here but at the moment it is closed while I’m in Poland.  However, if you read this post when I re-open I will give 15% off until July 18th just please message me with the link to this post on Etsy!
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P.S.  I’m on vacation but I’ll be back July 13th!  Stay tuned for a surprise when I get back!

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