Flowy Dresses


Dress:  The Gap {old}
Shoes:  Chinese Laundry {Marshalls}
Floral Headband:  DIY

I would like to start this post by saying that lately my inner child has been coming out.  I’ve been wanting to look like a “princess” a lot lately.  What this translates to for me is a flowy dress that is possibly poofy aka something like this dress.  Since I can’t wear a crown in public I thought wearing a flower crown was more appropriate.

Also, just as an FYI for safety reasons, don’t take pictures in the middle of the street unless a. it’s a controlled environment or b.  it’s on a deserted street like this one.  These pictures are taken by my college and obviously summer classes didn’t even start by this point AND it’s a residential area, meaning driving at 25 mph is the LEGAL speed.  So the whole time I was pretty much crossing my fingers but since it is directly in the middle of the road I have enough time to flee the scene if need be, which actually, I did, twice.  Hence the weird faces in the pictures.  Do you see this lovely floral hairpiece?  I’ve seen so many cute ones and I don’t exactly want to pay the amount all of these retailers are charging when I can just make double the amount of hair pieces for the dollar amount of one.  That’s just my take on things these days.  Why buy something if I can just make it myself?  Yes it takes time but I multi task so while I make this stuff I’m also doing other things.  Or I sit down during my relaxation period and work on DIY projects.  Since I don’t really go out like normal 26 year olds do I spend lots of time working on projects, it’s very relaxing.
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P.S.  I’m on vacation but I’ll be back July 13th!  Stay tuned for a surprise when I get back!

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