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As many of you know, today is the Healthy Habits Link Up with Katie Did What.  For today’s post I wanted to introduce you to someone who I’ve known since I was in 4th grade!  She has always been athletic and she can bend her body in ways that I didn’t think was possible!  Now look at her picture above, and wait until you see the pictures I’m about to show you of her fitness journey!

1. Even
though I know that you’ve been athletic your whole life, tell me a little bit
about yourself and what got you started.

started gymnastics at a very young age. I was extremely active and fearless as
a child, the perfect combination for a gymnast. 
I fell in love with the sport so much that I continued with it through
college.  Midway through my college
career, I tore my ACL and meniscus during practice.  This injury had me out of the sport for just
about a full year and when my knee was fully healed it was a slow progress back
into the sport. I truly realized how in love I was with the sport when it was
taken away from me.  During my recovery
from surgery, I met with a personal trainer twice a week so that he could help
me train and keep the rest of my body in shape while I was unable to use my
knee. It was then I was able to see this whole entire world beyond just
gymnastics and into the fitness realm.

college, I knew I couldn’t live without flipping around and continuing to be
active. I then began to look into the next best thing, fitness competitions.  I also always had this dream of becoming a
fitness model, although I never thought it would actually be possible. I decided
to contact a few people who were involved in the Fitness industry, and after
meeting a friend of a friend, Dawn Butterflield, an amazing fitness competitor,
I was introduced to Fitness America Pageants (FAP) where I could continue to incorporate
my gymnastics into the required fitness routines.  Dawn introduced me to Cathy Savage, a well
known fitness competition coach who stared on MTV “I want a perfect body”.  Cathy immediately helped me and gave me the
confidence I needed, she introduced me to this amazing sisterhood that I had
never been a part of.  After just one
year, she molded me into a Pro Fitness competitor, something that I never
thought I would be able to do.  It just
goes to show, that if you want something, take a chance and go for it, nothing
is impossible.   Cathy truly has given me
the self-confidence to go for my dreams of being a fitness model and personal
trainer. I surprised myself with the amount of knowledge I already knew about
fitness and being active, and now I want to help others look, feel, and be
healthy and active.

2. What
are your tips for someone who knows nothing about health and fitness and wants
to start taking care of themselves?
tips for someone who knows nothing about health and fitness:

1) Being Healthy Starts with YOU
healthy and active is a lifestyle, not just a one week commitment. You have to
be willing and ready to take charge. 
Make yourselves accountable and take it seriously. Once you take the
first steps to being healthy the rest comes easy.

2) Incorporate active things during your
everyday life
Take a
leap outside your comfort zone and schedule. You need to slowly incorporate
healthy and active activities in your life. Take the stairs instead of the
elevator to your floor at work. On your lunch break, go for a walk around the
area. While watching your favorite TV show do crunches during the
commercials.  While going to the store,
park at a lengthy distance to increase your daily steps. All these are small
changes that can lead to a healthier lifestyle. Remember: it starts with YOU,
so take charge.

3) Make better nutritional choices:
you go out to dinner opt for a healthy salad and chicken instead of a
cheeseburger and fries. Make sure your meals always include protein and veggies
while varying starches and fruit.  Also
incorporate good fat oils into your diet. 
A great example of how to eat right is the Healthy Harvard Plate at this

4) Plan ahead PLAN = SUCCESS
ahead is probably the hardest part of being healthy but if you PLAN, you will
succeed.  This is the hardest part for
most people and it was especially hard for me; but once you have a plan, you
can stick to it and hold yourself accountable. Prep your meals for the week. By
prepping and planning healthy meals for the week, you will no longer find
yourself eating junk food just because you’re pressed for time. Plan your
workouts. Make room in your weekly schedule to hit the gym at least 3-4 times
per week.

5) Grab a buddy
Make a
plan with a friend to help stay active and healthy. Having someone there to
support you with positive reinforcement can be essential when making the life
changing decision to be healthy.

3. Is
it really true that 80% is diet?
truly is.  No matter how much you
exercise, if you have a poor diet, then the benefits of working out will never
catch up to the damage of constantly eating unhealthy. The popular saying “your
abs are made in the kitchen” couldn’t be any truer.  Clean eating is extremely important and
feeding your body with the proper nutrients helps to gain lean muscle and lose
weight.  Eating 6 meals a day is ideal so
that your metabolism is continuously working. Having protein 20 minutes after
your workout helps build your muscles and also reduces soreness.  I personally eat 4 meals a day and 2
shakes.  I have one shake after my
workout and 1 shakes before I go to bed or at a point in my day were I am too
busy to heat up and eat a meal.  I
personally use Isagenix shakes because there are no additive sugars and the
shakes give me 34g’s of protein, 280 calories and a ton of nutrients you can
find in a whole meal. This protein truly aids in creating that lean muscle most
people aim for when going to the gym.

4. What
would be a good routine for someone to have for diet and exercise?
and exercise routines vary for each individual. 
Its kind of like an experiment at first, you try something and see if it
works for you.  What works for me may not
work the same for someone else.  The best
thing to do is to make sure in your diet that you are having 6 meals a day, all
with protein, and veggies, varying on fruits and starches.  For a workout, if you want to gain muscle, do
your weight training before you do your cardio. 
Don’t just stick to steady cardio, change it up with some HIIT cardio a
few days a week. The common misconception with cardio is that the more cardio
you do, the more lean muscle you will gain. However, this is not true. Too much
cardio, mixed with not giving the body enough nutrients, will cause your body
to essentially eat away at the muscle, and cause you to look too thin.

Could you share a few quick, at home workouts that someone could do?
here are a few at home workouts that you can do

“Plank it up”

Push up
plank (30sec)
taps (10es)
Plank reach through (10es)
Plank pulses (10es)
up and Down Plank (10es)
Plank Hip taps (10es)
Planks (30sec)

Rest 1
min Repeat 3x

Check out the video tutorial here.

“Build your Bottom”

low squats (30sec)
Knee Leg
Lifts (10es)
Knew Side
swing lift (10es)
knee lift (10es)
low squats (30sec)

Rest 1
min Repeat 3x

Check out the video tutorial here.

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gym works outs check out my Youtube Channel here.
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  1. Wow! I really feel like hitting the gym after reading this! I totally agree that fitness/weight loss really is 80% diet.. You have to be really careful not to eat something in one second that it will take hours to work off at the gym. Great read! 🙂

    1. Especially if it makes you feel like poo too. I hate when I make the mistake of eating something like fries and then trying to work it off, yea it's horrible, makes me feel so much heavier and tired!

    1. She's been athletic her whole life, I really don't think this girl has ever had an inch of fat on her to be honest (known her for quite some time). She has some really awesome advice I hope everyone can learn something from her!

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