Healthy Habits

My oh my, it has been two weeks since I did this link up
with Katie.  Well I have some
good and bad news when it comes to my healthy habits.  The bad news is I gained 5 lbs while on
vacation, the good news is I will be back to my healthy lifestyle stat.  I’m actually surprised that I ONLY gained 5
lbs while I was away.  The amount of
delicious sweets and Grandma’s cooking that I ate was insane.  At least I know that extra 5 lbs was worth
it.  So with that being said I have lost
a total of 15 lbs since I started my healthy lifestyle journey (yes, we are back to
square one).
Right before vacation your lovely host of this link up told
me that I had won a box of Kind bars. 
They came while I was away so I didn’t get to try them until I got back
but I must say they are delicious.
I know what you’re thinking, these are probably just regular
granola/protein bars.  They really aren’t
though.  Surprisingly one actually
satisfied my “in between meals hunger.” 
Let’s just put it out there that, that never happens.  Now, I’m not a really a big dark chocolate fan, and when it comes to chocolate I’m not the typical girl who will pig out on it (I know, I’m very ODD).  I’m more of a gelatin and fruity sweets kind of gal.  I will say this dark chocolate is actually really good.  The fact that dark chocolate is good for you makes it ten times better too!
I decided that before I go back to healthy eating I’m going
to eat as much junk food as I possibly can so I don’t get the urge after I’m
back on the right track.  Although, I
think the most junk food I’ve eaten since being back home was a really cheesey
pizza.  I just really like cheese.  That will NEVER be taken out of my diet.

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8 thoughts on “Healthy Habits”

  1. I won the same box of bars from Katie's link up too! I am really not a fan of dark chocolate or mocha so I was hugely surprised when I LOVED these bars!! You're totally right, they're the perfect between meals snack or even dessert!!

  2. I really want to try these bars, I'll have to pick some up this weekend! I'm the same way as you are… totally not a big chocolate fan. So if you like these, then I bet I will too! I linked up with Katie today too about homemade ranch dressing that you might like to try as you get back into your healthy lifestyle!

  3. Ahhh MONICA! This makes me so happy! I LOVE Kind, and I'm so glad you won and got to try them out and love them, too! And hey, I'm glad you enjoyed your vacay- plus, it's important to enjoy grandma's cooking. 🙂 You're doing so great with your fitness journey!!! Indulgence is important, especially on vacation!


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