Healthy Habits

Hello Everyone!  Ok, so that picture up there is an outtake from my lovely workout photo sesh.  So for today’s fitness post I want to show all of you a few at home workouts I do.  As I’ve mentioned before I have injuries so I have to take it easy because after going to the gym a few months ago I aggravated both of them.  Let’s move on shall we?
I hold these for a minute.  If I can hold for longer I do.  I love these because I can really feel the burn in my arms and abs.  I think these are the secret weapon.  I rest then I do it 3 times.

I don’t care what anyone says, crunches work for me.  

Pretty self explanatory.

Push Ups
I’m finally able to do normal push ups!  For the longest time thanks to my wrist I had to work my way back and do “girl push ups.”

Body Squats
I always make sure my legs are shoulder width apart and when you squat stick your butt out.  You’ll feel like you look funny and you do but it’s the way it works.

Calf Lifts
I always make sure that I’m standing the way I am in the above picture.  Then I take my right leg (left when I’m doing it the opposite way) and lift with my tippy toes!

Just because I can.  I can finally do Yoga again.

Bra:  Victoria’s Secret {Semi Annual Sale}
Shorts:  Victoria’s Secret {old}
Sneakers:  Ryka {old, Famous Footwear}

Of course, finish everything off with some water and a delicious salad.


**Please note, I am not a licensed trainer, nor do I claim to know about health and fitness.  I am not a licensed nutritionist.  These are things that I do and in my opinion work for me, I do not know if they are harmful.

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8 thoughts on “Healthy Habits”

  1. A great selection of classic and effective exercises, although bicycles are my nemesis exercise – I hate them, which means I need to do them! And that salad looks like a great way to finish a workout!

  2. Great moves! Hah! (; I love all of those workout moves, especially the planks. I hate them while I'm doing them but love the way I feel when I'm done.
    I always feel like I'm sticking my booty out way too far when I'm doing squats!

    1. Yea when I first started doing squats at the gym with weights before I aggravated my knee again my friend kept saying "you need to stick your butt out way more than that." It feels awkward but after a while you don't even care anymore haha

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