His and Hers Wedding

His and Hers Wedding
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For today’s post I wanted to introduce a men’s brand called Paul Fredrick.  Since it’s wedding season I
wanted to do a little “his and hers” for different types of outfits.  Now if you read this article that’s posted on
the Paul Fredrick blog you’ll see that they give you guidelines on how to
dress your body type.  So, with the help
of Paul Frederick I did a little outfit post for both a man and woman attending
a wedding.  Now I don’t usually go to
weddings but I have a lot of friends that do and I’ve seen a lot of movies
(hello Bridesmaids was probably the funniest movie ever). 
– Specific styles for men and women that compliment fashion
trends in that location
  • Let’s say you’re going to a beach wedding.  Obviously we all know that flowy dresses or
    gowns and light colors for men are a great idea.  It gives the summer/beachy feel that the
    bride and groom were obviously going for.
  • My favorite type of wedding would probably be a barnyard wedding.  Light attire and neutrals would be perfect
    for something like this.  Just ladies try
    to stay away from ivories and creams because even though it’s not white in this
    type of a setting you might take away from the bride.
  • If you are going to a wedding where a church is involved prior
    to the reception and it’s not actually on a beach or in a barn you need to wear
    appropriate clothing.  This simply means
    wearing a conservative dress/suit.  Ladies just make sure you aren’t looking like
    you’re ready to go to a night club; keep it classy. 

– What’s the appropriate dress
I think this is constantly changing.  One major “don’t” is not to wear a short
dress/skirt.  Like I said in the previous
paragraph, don’t walk in looking like you’re ready for the club.  Keep it classy.  You can wear a floor length dress but try to
make sure it is simple enough that it won’t take away from the bride.  You always need to keep that in mind when
shopping for a wedding guest dress. 
– The ideal dress shirt color/pattern for a summer wedding/ Ways to make you and your date’s outfit complement each
So this is where my future girlfriend/fiancé/wife comes into play.  How would I dress
up my date?  In my opinion you have to
match somewhat, like the picture above. 
I took “his” outfit and gave it some light colors with accents of a
mint/teal.  I then matched it with “her”
outfit with a mint dress and gold accents. 
The colors for his shirt should be a lighter color like this one.  You can have a pattern but try not to have an
extremely loud print, something simple will suffice. 
– What color or pattern do you
go with?
This is always changing. 
Depending on the destination of the wedding or the theme of the wedding
this will always change.  Some weddings
you can pull off wearing light colors and others you have to go to it wearing a
tuxedo or something extremely tailored.  If
a guy is extremely lost and has no idea where to start, just go to your basic
or even neutrals.  If you don’t like anything
that stands out stay away from prints because it will stand out more once you
add a tie to the mix.  Stick with light
colors such as white, light blue, or neutrals. 

For any men reading this or for their significant others reading
this go check out Paul Fredrick’s article here and their site here.

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