Ikea and Carte Blanche


Look at the plane above my head!  I was at that airport a week ago, weird how I ended up here only on the other side of the airport.

Dress:  Ralph Lauren
Sweater:  Ralph Lauren
Bag:  Gucci {here}
Shoes:  Born {Old}
This weekend I went to Ikea with my parents.  I don’t know what it is about Ikea, but I absolutely love going there.  Maybe it’s because it reminds me of my childhood and Europe, or maybe because I get to eat delicious meatballs at the end of the trip.  Regardless it was a fun trip and I was right by the airport that I flew into just one week ago.  Now, let’s move on to this store in northern NJ called Carte Blanche.  They contacted me and asked if I would be interested in selling my jars in their store.  How cool?!  Below are some pictures of the store and next weekend is the big day.  The day that I put my jars in an actual store.  How awesome?! 


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