Mask Day

I received these two masks in my Lucky FABB gift bag from L.A. back in April.  I’ve been using both of these and they are amazing!  I love anything that has to do with fixing hair because I have thin hair and I used my curling wand twice in one week and automatically my hair had disgusting ends.  This mask is perfect because it literally leaves your hair so soft.  Another plus is, it smells good.  So what I’ve been doing because it’s a leave in and then rinse type of mask I put the mask on my hair and afterwards I take a bath.  Instead of showering I will use this for my relaxing bath time.  Since I only use this once a week it’s perfect!
The face mask is also great.  It has a little bit of a weird smell to it (I mean it has algae in it) but it’s not overpowering the rest of the good scent it has.  It leaves your skin feeling smooth and refreshed/rejuvenated.  I do this once a week as well and the way I use it is I’ll put it on then since it molds to your face I’ll multi task, so I’ll work on some projects or if I have none that I can work on, I clean, play with the fur babies, or just simply relax.  Once you wash it off you already feel a difference, it’s almost like your pores are instantly breathing.  Definitely love this!
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P.S.  I’m on vacation but I’ll be back July 13th!  Stay tuned for a surprise when I get back!