Poland Part 2

In yesterday’s post I talked about Gdynia which is the part of Poland that I was temporarily residing in for the past two weeks.  In today’s post I want to introduce Sopot and Gdansk.  These are the other two cities that are part of Troj Miasto or in English, Three Cities.  First, let me show you what Sopot looks like.  I feel like Sopot is the most modern of all of these cities.  The night life in Sopot is pretty fun for those of you who are wondering.


Once you pass under this sign the real beauty begins.  You get to go on the boardwalk and see the beautiful shore line and the cute shops as well.





Yes, this building is actually crooked like it’s name Krzywy Domek translates to Crooked House.  The inside is absolutely normal though and at night it turns into a few night clubs.

Now we will be moving on to Gdansk.  This is the third city of Troj Miasto.  This city has the most history, even the historical buildings can speak for themselves.

My gorgeous cousin! 


I just thought the name of this ice cream place was fitting hehe.

Well, that’s it for Sopot and Gdansk.  Don’t forget to check out yesterday’s post (here), I’m hosting a little giveaway!