Ralph Lauren


Sweater:  Ralph Lauren 
Tank Top:  Ralph Lauren
Pants:  Ralph Lauren
Bag:  Coach {Ewa Bazaar}
Shoes:  Born {old}
Sunglasses:  Gucci {Ewa Bazaar}
I really can’t believe how cold it’s been lately.  I mean it’s hot during the day but at night
time it cools down to the point where Lilly and I are snuggling under the
covers.  For July this is just downright
weird.  I guess one good thing that comes
out of this within the fashion world is you can do one of my favorite things;
layering.  I don’t like the cold but I do
love layering clothing.  Especially if it
is very lose fitting and comfortable, yet chic. 
I don’t know why but this outfit was very nautical feeling to me.  I love anything nautical, especially after
just coming back from vacation in Poland. 
Living on the beach sure is paradise even when it is cooler.  This sweater is just the coolest too.  You can wrap it around as well but it hangs
so nicely.  Plus, it distracts people
from the weight I packed on from vacation! 
Now, the Coach purse is something so chic.  I love the shape and the strap for a cross
body bag.  Nowadays with how busy I am
getting these jars ready to be sold in a store I can use anything in my wardrobe
that makes life easier for me.
I can’t say I’m happy about the cooler nights so early in
the summer season, but I will say it’s nice to go to sleep at night under the
covers with the windows wide open.  I
love fresh air and when you live in the middle of nowhere like me the air is definitely
amazing.  The one thing I love about
summer nights is the noises the bugs make at night and the way that lightening
bugs light up the sky. 
Also, big congratulations to my giveaway winner
yesterday!  You will be receiving your
prize shortly!