10 Dorm Room Essentials

  • Full disclosure: this article is financially supported by Kleenex + Walmart

It’s that time of year again everyone!  It’s time to go back to school or in this case go back to college.  Now, I went to college not once but twice to get my Bachelor’s and MBA.  Let’s just say I know a thing or two about what dorm rooms need.  Now even though the list can seriously go on forever I wanted to give the top 10 essentials.  First and foremost, read the disclosure above, this discussion is sponsored by Kleenex and Walmart.

When I was asked to style the new Kleenex Expressions Oval Tissue Boxes with some dorm room essentials oh you know I said ABSOLUTELY!  So lets move on to the top 10 things to bring with you to college.

1.  Kleenex Expressions Oval Tissue Box:  How cute are these tissue boxes?  Now I know that some people automatically associate chevron with bloggers but this is the first time I’ve ever jumped on the bandwagon.  I must say they are pretty cute.  Since you go back to school during those colder fall and winter months where you transition into a different season you can get sick.  The cold and flu are very common around that time so you’ll need as many tissues as you can.  Also, they’re great for wiping off makeup or even if you’re a little homesick and you tear up a bit you’ll need one of those babies.  The greatest part is that they are a print so you have a simple piece of decor at the same time.  Killing two birds with one stone!

2.  Laptop:  Now my college gave us laptops and they said that we could purchase them after graduation but one thing I will say is their laptops aren’t the greatest.  I mean they work, but I wish I would’ve gotten my own laptop.

3.  Bathroom Caddy:  Just trust me on this one.  You will need something to lug back and forth to the shower.

4.  Desk Lamp:  If the dorm has a desk lamp it won’t be a very good one.  You’ll need something that gives you great lighting, for all of those late night study sessions.

5.  Vacuum:  It’s a Bissell!  I think that says enough for why this is awesome.  I also have an allergy to dust so if the floors aren’t vacuumed my asthma will act up and that’s just not a good time.

6.  Comforter Set:  How cute is the one I chose above?  The colors are awesome and it’s the little things so having a nice comforter after a long day is going to be a small piece of heaven.  It’s making me want to take a nap just looking at the picture.

7.  Mini Fridge:  You will DEFINITELY need one of these.  Plus, it’s so cute because you can write on it!

8.  Mini Coffee Maker:  Some dorms don’t allow these but if they do I suggest you get one!  When you’re a “starving college student” and don’t have money for even coffee this will be a life saver.

9.  Marilyn Monroe DVD Set:  I love love love Marilyn Monroe.  This would be for those late nights being alone in the dorm or if I just need a movie to watch.  I love classic movies especially if they are still in black and white.  There’s something so magical about those types of movies.

10.  Storage/Organizer Set:  Last but definitely not least you will need something to organize everything without taking up lots of space.  These will be perfect for storing your shoes, clothing, and any laundry you need to do as well.

Don’t forget to check out the Kleenex Expressions Oval Tissue Box!  Check out Walmart’s site for a location near you.  All of these products were found at Walmart for low prices.

  • Thanks to Kleenex + Walmart for sponsoring today’s discussion