5 For Friday


1.  More Mason Jar orders!

After I uploaded pictures and my blog post about my set up
at Carte Blanche I received a few orders for my mason jars.  I am so thrilled that people enjoy my jars
and appreciate the work I put into them. 
I still can’t thank all of you for all of your support and purchases
with this business.  I enjoy making these
just as much as everyone enjoys receiving them.
2.  Started getting ready for my remodel.
So I finally stained the ladder for my room, you know the
furniture that you literally just let lean on the wall and it has shelves.  I also bought a thrifted blue desk.  All I need now is a beautiful mirror and a
cute little chair and I’m set for my little makeup area.  This weekend I will attempt to tackle the
worst part; packing.  Packing all of the
things in my wall units and shelves into storage boxes is going to be a
nightmare.  My elephant collection alone
takes up two shelves and that has to be gently wrapped and put away because
half of them are glass and the other half are heavy marble or metal.  Almost 99.9% of them have been brought over
from Poland from my Grandma so those CANNOT get ruined.
3.  Set up my display.
My display is finally set up at Carte Blanche in Newton,
NJ!  It’s so cool to see MY jars in a
store.  Hey, who knows maybe one day I’ll
be discovered and have my own store. 
That would be pretty swelltabulous.
4.  I get to see Ellen on Sunday from Ask Away!
I get to see my blogger seester on Sunday!!!!!  I’m so freaking excited!  It’s been a few months since I saw her and I
miss her like crazy.

5.  Sia-Chandelier
Since it’s #backthatazzup Friday this is my song of the week.  I am so in love with this song.  When I was wood staining this weekend I put
this on and my dad actually loves this song too so while he was changing his
oil and I was wood staining we had a mini jam sesh.  It was actually funny because he was so
excited about this new contraption that drains your oil differently.  Then he actually asked ME what something was
on his car.  Not going to lie I felt good
about myself.

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