5 for Friday

Oh Friday, we meet again, how I love you so.  I really love Friday’s because I am able to
relax for about an hour before I start working again whether it be on my jars,
photo shoots, or le blog.  So let’s move
on to 5 things that made my week better.
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1. Pretty flowers:  My mom has been buying my favorite flowers ever since I took the above picture and she saw how pretty lilies really are.  I mean, hello they’re pink! 

2.  Weight loss:  I
weighed myself on Sunday and I am almost below 150 lbs!!!  A lot of people say I don’t look like I weigh
over 150, but let’s not forget I’m 5’9 so I’m super tall.  The best part is I haven’t been below 150 in
gosh, I don’t even know how long.  So I
started at 172 and am down to 151 as of Sunday. 
I’m not going to lie, I did a victory dance and almost tripped over the
scale while doing so but it would’ve been so worth it!

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3.  YouTube:  I made my
first makeup tutorial!!!!  You can go to
this blog post (here) to check it out.  I
am so happy that I had such a good response from my readers.  All of you seriously rocked my socks
off.  Stay tuned because I will be doing
a cat eye tutorial eventually since that’s what I am known for.

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4.  Instagram:  I finally
decided it was time to make an Instagram for my Mason Jars.  I know it’s something so little but it’s so
exciting!  Jars by Monica is Instagram
official! Click here to follow along!

5.  Song of the week: 
This week I don’t really have a song of the week so I’m going to leave
you with my favorite song of all time.  I
think it’s fitting too just because it’s almost the weekend, time to relax for
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