5 for Friday

Song of the week: 
Beyonce, Flawless, because well, I woke up lyke dis.  No but seriously I’ve always been a fan of
Queen B even in her Destiny’s Child days and the fact that she remixed this
song with Nicki Minaj, can we say amazing idea?!  Yes, I am a Nicki fan.  No, I don’t care if you’re judging me right
Mini fan girl moment. 
So, you know when one of your favorite bloggers not only comments on
your picture but then follows you back on Instagram and you have a mini freak
out like if you just met The Backstreet Boys for the first time?  Yea, that happened this week.  I’ve had it happen before with Katie from
Katie Did What, but this time it was Whitney from I Wore Yoga Pants To
Work.  If you haven’t read either of
these blogs I highly suggest you do.  Oh
and if you’re wondering what Whitney said, “I’m gonna be real honest with you
right now, I have a serious lady crush on you.” 
If that’s not an awesome sauce comment from a blogger then I don’t know
what is.
Ice bucket challenge. 
I’m not going to lie, I was feeling a little left out that NO ONE
nominated me for the ice bucket challenge. 
This was until an unexpected person nominated me.  It was Mel from Style is Her, a fellow
blogger friend that I’ve known for almost a year.  Even though we don’t talk a lot I was
definitely feeling the love girlfriend! 
Also, if you want to see my ice bucket challenge and who I nominated go
to my Instagram!  Also, a lot of people have raised a little negative energy about this so I am putting in my two cents.  I did this challenge for fun.  I donate my time and money to many different causes year round, I don’t need an ice bucket challenge to encourage me to do so.  With this being said please do not judge the people who are doing this challenge or make fun at the situation.  I’m also pretty certain that a lot of the people did not even know what ALS was until this social media frenzy.  This is supposed to be a fun way to raise awareness and a lot of people are concerned about where their donations are really going, well then do research and donate to the charity for ALS that you feel is right.  Please don’t make something that was supposed to be fun and positive into something negative.  Even though some people refused to donate or do the challenge they now know that there is something called ALS and if they researched they know what it is.
Making my first cake. 
If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or my blog you already know that
I made not only my first cake, but my first cake using fondant.  I’ve been wanting to get into either baking
or cooking lately because I’m terrible at both. 
I figured might as well kill two birds with one stone; baking, and
fondant.  I wanted to test out fondant a
long time ago because I was obsessed with Cake Boss and then I saw a movie with
an NYC girl who was forced to move back across the river to NJ.  Her dad had a bakery that apparently she used
to bake at and she was really good at it. 
So she of course just like in every movie revamped the bakery and they
all lived Happily Ever After.  When I saw
this I thought to myself that I could definitely attempt to use fondant.  I’m very satisfied with the way my cake came
out!  I enjoyed making it just as much
too, so since my dad’s birthday is on Sunday I’m making him one, and on top of
that I am making the cake batter from scratch. 
I found a really easy carrot cake recipe so wish me luck guys and gals!

Relaxing.  I haven’t
done this yet, but I’m looking forward to doing this, this weekend.  Even though I have a bunch of things that
need to get done I am definitely making some time for me to be able to at least
sleep in.


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