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Left to Right // Tall/Pink Camo:  Justin’s {here} // Brown Fringe:  Liberty Black {here} // Flower Embroidered:  Anderson Bean {here} // Red:  Corral {here} // Cow Roper/Brown:  Justin’s {similar here and here}
1.  Well, my fringe boots came in this week!  Thank you Cavenders for always taking care of your bloggers!  A girl can never have too many boots.  I decided since my collection is growing I wanted to take a picture of all of my boots together.  Don’t they look like one big happy family?

2.  I bought my first 3D Nail Motifs this week.  I’ve already tested them out and cannot wait to show you all the design I did on Mani Monday, so come back then!  I will say it’s quite strange having something stick out on my nails but I’m slowly warming up to it.  This is definitely a very fun idea, and who knows maybe one day I’ll take some nail technician classes so I can learn more about this art.  It’s really fun, but I would have to wait until my schedule opens up a bit, which brings me to my next 5 for Friday.
3.  Busy Bee award should go to myself.  I know that’s very selfish but I feel like everything has been non stop but definitely in a good way.  Business is picking up with my jars, I’ve had a few family and friends ask me to make some jars and then the blog has been booming too.  It’s so exciting when a hobby makes you this happy and takes you out of your comfort zone.  I feel like when I started this blog I was a completely different person.  I was shy, and even though I loved fashion I would have never networked the way I do now and would have never channeled my inner creative side (I have in the past but I’m finding more things I’m good at), and I would never be as confident as I am today.  Just reading a comment from someone saying oh I love your outfit or I love your hair or even wow you’re so creative seriously brightens up my day.  I work full time along with this blog and my Etsy Shop // Jars by Monica.  At my “9-5” I don’t have a chance to be creative and it’s an office job so when I leave and go straight to making jars or working on the blog I get excited again.  I have all of my readers and followers to thank for that.  Y’all are my biggest supporters!
4.  I’m going to keep it country on le blog today (and also the CMA’s were this week, so I’m in the mood) and my song of the week has to go Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood.  I know this song is kind of an oldie, but it’s definitely a goodie!  I mean and also, can we just talk about Carrie’s legs for days?  They are seriously perfectly accentuated in this video.  Oh and her voice is pretty amazing too.
5.  Last, but definitely not least I met with Ellen from Ask Away on Sunday at Pinnacle Ridge Winery.  You can see my recap here, my outfit from Sunday here, and her recap here.  I love that I met my best friend through blogging, but it stinks living so far from each other.  Thankfully it’s a driveable distance and we can meet halfway (if we lived so far we’d have to fly I would cry) so it’s not too bad.  The only part that’s not fair is instead of having wine nights and watching TV shows together we have to do it via text.  Love yewww to pieces Ellen and I can’t wait until I see you again in the fall!!
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